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Turdsday Funday

Once upon a time, today was soccer day! I love it. You’re probably sick of hearing about it but I’m not tired of talking about it. I don’t know how to describe it really. It’s just so awesome to see girls I’ve played soccer with/against my whole life, and now we are all together on the same team. I love watching girls reunite that haven’t gotten to see each other in some cases, for years. Most people are still pretty rusty, but everyone plays with such spirit and drive, it keeps the competativeness up nicely.

At work today, I got to do some doors because they ran out of fun things for me to sand in the Hut, but not before I had an anxiety attack. So, they bring back a stack of molding, and I start stressing out because I worked on it and I always feel terrible when stuff I work on gets sent back. Well, that wasn’t it. She kept bringing more and more stuff back, almost a whole job! At this point I am so overwhelmed but was also starting to realize that there is no way I messed up on every single part. Turns out they were painted the wrong color, so we just had to scuff them up. Relieving, but jeez!

After practice, I went to Hawaiian Ice with some pals I haven’t hung out with since sophomore year of high school or something like that. Anyways, the place is so close to my house but I’ve still only been there once or twice. Well, it started pouring rain and there were a bunch of us just crammed under the little overhang of the place, but I was toasty, so I stood in the rain. Then I saw it, the double-rainbow, all the way across the sky. The end.

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Once upon a time, today was the first sunny day we’ve had in a while. I enjoyed it laboriously sprinting and squatting through today’s Bootcamp at Shoaff Park. There’s never a dull day at Shoaff. It was full of little kids on the playground and splashpad, but my focus was on all of the frolfers (frisby-golf) who apparently had a hole right where I was doing my sprints! Oops. They were good humored enough and most at least said hello to me while I was dripping sweat in just my sports bra because I didn’t bring enough cones, so my shirt had to help with that. Anyways, bootcamp was hard but ohsofun because it was sunny and I got to do it all in the grass, taking it easy on my poor joints.

Later, I got to hang out with Kali. Yes. A person. I guess I do have some friends left here after all. We went to the Bookmark and to Half-Priced Books to sell some of my school books. The former offered me $10 and I thought certainly with hardbacks I could get more than that, but Half-Priced only offered me $4, hence, “half-priced.” The man was sad when I said I wouldn’t sell because he wanted to read Zakaria. Hah! I thought. We looked at the books and I bought so many poetry books! I couldn’t help myself, they were only $1. I also saw a self-help book on loneliness, just as I was telling Kali I had no friends, but I couldn’t buy it because I was afraid that I’d read it, and that would probably make me sad. Oh! I did impulse-buy the crap out of Backyard Soccer, my favorite childhood game….only to find that my computer wouldn’t run it. Sadface. I forgot stuff worked like that.

On a lighter note, or should I say heavier, we got Chinese at the good ol’ buffet I once paid for a meal in nickles and dimes while the cashier man just laughed at me. It was delicious as usual. The crab rangoon was especially yum. Unfortunately I had a sad fortune, it said, “Keep your feet grounded, even though friends flatter you.” Ironic after yesterday, at least it was applicable to real life.

Anyways, tomorrow is Thursday, so that means soccer, so that means happy day! The end.

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SOCCER DAY! And Adventures! And Scatterbrained.

Once upon a time,today at work I got to do drawer boxes! Oh ehm gee, I haven’t done those since back in the day when Mel and I used to sand them by hand for hoooours. It was nice reminiscing…and using the sander of course. While at work, i started narrating my life….again. I haven’t done it in a while, but when I catch myself doing it, I realize that it should worry me….
Anyways, after work, I made poor life choices. I lifted for soccer conditioning, then ran 4 miles, then practiced for an hour and a half. It made me happy! But tired and I got a headache cuz i didn’t eat/drink enough. Did i mention i played soccer today? We reunited with some girls I haven’t seen in years, they said they were trying to decide if it was me or not and why the hell i cut my hair, then we did a name circle and they realized it was me.
Anywayyyys practice C: and run C: and stuff C: Oh! I finished reading The Hobbit today! I loooooved it! I can’t wait to read more boooooks!
Jeez i feel like I’m talking to myself. I wanna have a real life conversation! Anyways i played soccer today C: I think I had more stories but that’s all I’ve got for now. The end.

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Saturday? I Think…

Once upon a time, I have no clue what today is. My family went to church, but I think it’s still Saturday. I slept in until around 11 I think, then I got up, determined not to let myself get as bored and cranky as I was yesterday. I rode my bike to the gym where I lifted and did abs for over an hour, then I rode my bike around some of my neighbor and my old routes. It was nice and reminiscent. I recall thinking about Fort Wayne; it’s my home and I love it unconditionally, but now it seems like nothing more than a memory. It feels like I’m not going to be making more memories here, and I already have so many. It makes me wonder where I’m going to be after college and it’s really exciting!

I spent the rest of the day reading The Hobbit, napping, watching Terminator 2, and having a bonfire with Clare. I bought Reese’s to have with our shmallows and shmores. They were glorious! I love bonfires; Clare and I even read out there a while before it got dark. Ironically the chapter I was reading was called “Out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

Oh and I read outside earlier to work on my white belly and guess what, it has seen the light and is now less white! The end.

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Smile, it’s Friday!

Once upon a time, It’s Friday! It was the first payday of the summer, the sun was shining, and I got to go on such a nice and relaxing run. I can’t believe I still remember all of my old runs because I haven’t done them in what seems like eons. I saw kids playing sports on my run and it made me happy. I also almost broke my juggling record, almost. I got 1,011, I only needed 58 more to beat the record! I was feeling really great today!

Then, I went to Meijer with my mom, which usually ends with her complaining about why she takes me anywhere, even though she’s the one who begged me to come. This was a much more enjoyable trip though. We got bacon dogs! And they were on sale! I saw sports flavored macaroni too, but my mom refuses to buy shaped macaroni. Sadface. What was really great was waiting in line to buy our second pack of bacon dogs because my mom didn’t realize what a great deal they were. It’s funny I would have missed this whole story had we not gone back and got the dogs. It’s funny how things work out like that….

Sorry, the story! It was the you-scan area and there was a little black girl in one cart and another little girl in the cart across the way. Anyways the girl on the left started waving frantically at the other, who waved back. They proceeded to make faces at each other, show off their shoes, and make noises toward each other. It was one of the most heartwarming things I have ever seen. It really made me smile to watch these to strangers interacting and communicating without words or any prior introduction. It was neat.

Since I have no friends, Clare an I went to Walmart and I bought M&Ms. Then we got frostys, my treat cuz payday! Overall it was an awesome day, I even started reading The Hobbit. Now, it’s like 10:00 and I’m sad because there’s nothing else to do and no one to do it with. The end.

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Soccer Day!

Once upon a time, today was soccer day! It was the first practice for the adult Sport Club team. Ahhhhh! I cannot even describe how awesome it was! I love soccer. So, we get to Kreager Park and everyone is chilling under the pavilion, girls I have played with for years and some that I don’t even recognize. Everyone from all the different clubs in town were coming together to make this team because we all still love soccer. It was nice watching everyone catch up after being away for school for so long. Alli saw me and said, “Mary, what happened to your hair?” Naturally, I started feeling my head in a panic and said, “Oh God, where did it go!” Anyways, Jim let us catch up for a while and then we went to play! It was kind of sad because the gods were frowning upon soccer day with nasty, 50 degree weather and some rain, but once we got moving it was warm enough for short sleeves. It was awesome playing again. It’s like we all just picked up right where we left off. The chemistry was awesome already; I have a great feeling about this season. Did I mention that I love soccer? I was almost giddy the whole practice. When Jim said to pick up the cones, it felt like when you were a kid in the playground at Burger King and your mom said it was time to go, but you were having too much fun.

At work, we had a little safety meeting, just to review safety guidlines and such. We ended up reminiscing about when Alyssa used her orbital to clean a razor blade and it jumped up and sliced Deb’s forehead. Ironically, Deb is the one who taught her to clean the razor like that, so it was a bit of a godsmack It just made me laugh because I was actually there for it. It was like 2 summers ago and I was just sanding, in the zone, and then I realized everyone was crowded around Deb for some reason. Wellp, that was it! Also at work Kathy said she wouldn’t trade me in for anybody and that made me happy.

I called my Gabby today! It was so nice talking to her and stuff. She’s in Florida, doing yoga and other awesome things of course. I miss having a best friend to defer to all the time. When I’m bored, I can’t just text her or assume we’re going to hang out every weekend. It’s sad but it’s okay too. She needs to be away.

Did I mention I had soccer practice today? :D The end.